Säga vad man vill om Calabresi, men han skriver alldeles fantastiskt. Här ur inledningen till hans pionjärsartikel om riskallokering och skadeståndsrätt (70 Yale Law Journal, s. 499 ff.):

[Another] problem which we confront is that the article must deal in theory-often, unfortunately, in that most dismal of theories, economics. Hopefully, it will do so in terms which are intelligible to law teachers, if not to lawyers, and without that suicidal desire of the economist to make his theory so pervasive and detailed that it is rendered utterly useless to the lawyer who lives in the world of men, and even to the law teacher, wherever he lives.*

* An apology is here due to economists, not so much for the gratuitous insult just uttered as for more significant insults which I fear will follow. I have tried throughout this article to write in a way noneconomists can understand. As a result I have let my terms become remarkably sloppy from an economists’ standpoint. Misguided though I may be, I feel sure some of this is essential. Therefore, learned brethren, be gentle if at times you see things termed ”costs” you would not recognize as ”costs,” or as ”profits” things you would surely term ”costs.”